Libya, Chad and Sudan – An Ambiguous Triangle? / ZMS - Working Paper Nr. 5


Meike Meerpohl


This paper wants to shed light on the relations between Libya, Chad and Sudan in the last three decades, relations, which were characterized by wars, tensions and interven-tions, but also by alliances, assistance and investment. It also wants to focus on a Dafu-rian rebel movement, the JEM, and its interrelation to the three states. Further, the pa-per will show how the uprisings in Libya and Gaddafi’s fall affect its two neighbour-countries in the south. The information presented here is based on fieldwork conducted in the three countries between 2003 and 2007, mainly in Tiné, a border town along the Chadian-Sudanese border and the hometown of the ethnic group of Zaghawa. Further information raised from fieldwork conducted in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan between 2009 and 2011 and from analysis of different reports and articles as well as from per-sonal conversations with members of the Zaghawa.

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