A Mixed Picture: Media Transfer and Media Competition in Illustrated Periodicals, 1840s-1960s


From the outset, the illustrated press was fascinated by the anticipation of its retrospective exploration by future historians. Precisely because illustrated magazines aim to depict their present, they serve as «an inexhaustible storehouse for the historian», as Mason Jackson put it in his treatise The Pictorial Press: Its Origin and Progress in 1885. The way they act as cultural mediators across time and space is closely linked to the fact that the success of the illustrated periodical press being based on economies of international media competition and cross-cultural transfer. It is precisely this argument that is put forth by the contributions of the present volume.

This volume is the conclusion of the 9th annual conference of the European Society for Periodical Research (ESPRit) on «Periodicals Formats in the Market. Economies of Space and Time, Competition and Transfer», hosted by the DFG Research Unit 2288 Journal Literature in Bochum, Germany, in 2021. As such, it not only seeks to discover the «inexhaustible storehouse for the historian» the illustrated press proves to be, but wants to contribute to the liberation of periodical research from the narrow corset of national research perspectives.


  • A Mixed Picture
    Media Transfer and Media Competition in Illustrated Periodicals, 1840s-1960s. An Introduction
    Christian A. Bachmann, Nora Ramtke
  • A European Visual Imaginary?
    Political Meetings in Mid-Nineteenth Century Illustrated News Magazines in Great Britain, France, and Germany
    Jakob Kihlberg
  • Transfering Connemara
    European Illustrated Periodicals as Transnational Agents of Regional Remediation, 1870-1895
    Marguerite Corporaal
  • The Humour of Anxiety
    Caste, Emasculation and Female Deviancy in Colonial Bengali Caricatures, 1870s-1930s
    Shromona Das
  • From the Newspaper to the Book
    Little Orphan Annie’s Media Entanglement and Transformation
    Christian A. Bachmann
  • Cross-Border Traffic, Moral Crusades and Hybrid Form in Canadian Print Culture
    Will Straw
  • Cold-War Science and its Illustrated Wonders
    Politics, Play and Visual Education for the Italian Youth in the Leftwing Weekly "Pioniere"
    Giulio Argenio
  • When "Peanuts" Became "linus"
    Re-Contextualisation through Translation
    Mara Logaldo



May 7, 2024


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