About the press

Der Anschnitt, Beiheft

The German Mining Museum Bochum (DBM) has been publishing its own series "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" since 1980. Until a few years ago, the books were published in-house. All publishing tasks were the responsibility of the DBM. Since 2017, we have had a framework agreement with the Marie Leidorf publishing house for professional sales and marketing. With this publishing house, we have a partner at our side that combines the broad spectrum of archaeology as well as the subject areas of history, folklore, ethnology, and natural sciences in its publishing program and is thus predestined for our inter- and intradisciplinary research and also knows the specialist community very well. The publishing house distributes its program through the Internet, bookstores, newsletters, and participation in professional conferences. The DBM publicizes the new publications of "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" through its in-house online media.

In addition to the print edition, the volumes of "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" are also published online in cooperation with the Open Access team of the University Library of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). Usually twelve months after going to press, thanks to the expertise of colleagues at the RUB, we are able to publish the series "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" free of charge according to current Open Access standards via the open source software "Open Monograph Press" (OMP) of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP).

General Information

The series "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" is open to all research contributions within archaeology, history, sociology, archaeometallurgy, archaeometry and other branches of science whose research is broadly related to mining, production, trade and conservation of geo-resources such as metals, pigments, salt and associated monuments and artifacts as well as to the socio-cultural environment and transformations of mining regions. The Editor-in-Chief of the publication series "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" strives for a thematic as well as methodological versatility and balance of the contributions and works.

As a rule, the publications within the series are connected with research and research projects (joint projects) of the house or, in some cases, with the participation of the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum and other national and international partners. However, contributions from non-institutional members are also explicitly welcome.

The series publisher and editor-in-chief decides on the acceptance of contributions, whereby the scientific quality is the decisive criterion, taking into account the financial and personnel resources of the institute. The funding of the series "Der Anschnitt, Beiheft" is based on the federal and state funding of the DBM. In the case of publications or by partners, we are pleased to receive a financial contribution.